A young company backed by over 30 years of experience in producing sensors for industrial, research, and motorsport applications and decades more of motor racing innovation…
A comprehensive range of leading-edge ultrasonic products representing the future
of portable fluid flow monitoring technology…
A comprehensive range of leading-edge ultrasonic products representing the future of portable fluid flow monitoring technology…FlowSonic

Leading-Edge Technology

Accurate and Repeatable

With accuracy levels of up to +/- 0.25% of reading and
repeatability of +/- 0.05%, the FlowSonic delivers the
quality data needed for precision measurement of fuel
(and other fluid) flows in industry or motorsport.

High-Speed Measurement

Up to 2.2k entirely independent flow measurements
per second – the fastest rate in the industry – ensure
accuracy under all operating conditions and provide
an unparalleled view of dynamic flow behaviour, even
recording individual injector pulses.

Compact Yet Robust

With a dry weight of just 330g and volume of 260cc,
the FlowSonic installs as easily on a vehicle as a test
bench. Yet it is strong enough to perform reliably in
the harsh environment of a Formula 1 or LMP1 race
car. The solid-state design minimises pressure drop
and eliminates the risk of engine damage.

Configurable Output Formats

The FlowSonic offers data communication options
to suit almost any test system, with CAN, digital TTL
pulse, and analog outputs all available.

Multi-Fuel Compatibility

The FlowSonic can be used with virtually any kind of
fuel, from pump petrol and diesel to racing blends and
ethanol, methanol, or bio-diesel alternative fuels. The
HF model is also compatible with water, other engine
coolants, and selected oil types.

Internal Data Processing

The FlowSonic employs proven proprietary circuitry,
firmware, and software to convert raw data into key
measures including volume flow and mass flow, plus
a wide range of diagnostic and security functions.


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