Motorsport Series

The FlowSonic range of motorsport fuel flow sensors has been developed for both performance (fuel management) and regulatory (balance of performance and power limitation) applications. Three models are available to suit the full spectrum of racing categories, fuels, and budgets.

FlowSonic Elite

The ultimate motorsport fuel flow sensor, the Elite was designed to satisfy the FIA’s strict homologation requirements for use in Formula 1 and LMP1. It has been adopted for regulatory use in Formula 1 and IMSA, and was also fitted to the 2017 IndyCar and IMSA GTLM-class champions. It is accurate to +/-0.25% of reading, generates 2.2k separate flow measurements per second, and is fully immersible.

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FlowSonic Super

Our mid-specification unit is suitable for a wide range of headline motor racing series, particularly those relying on a single fuel such as NASCAR, DTM, Super GT, Super Formula, and Australian Supercars. The Super is accurate to +/-0.50% of reading with a sample rate of 1.0k distinct flow measurements per second.

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FlowSonic Pro

This accurate, robust, and affordable fuel flow monitoring solution is ideal for classes with lower budgets, including GT3, touring car, junior formula, and even club racing competition. The Pro model features accuracy of +/-0.75% of reading with the same true 1.0 kHz measurement rate as the FlowSonic Super.

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