In-Vehicle Flow Meters for Coolant Circulation Monitoring

Accurate, reliable real-world coolant flow data for light passenger and commercial vehicle engines, with a compact design allowing for simple, quick vehicle-to-testbed portability.

Real World Coolant Circulation Monitoring

Coolant systems play a significant role in the overall efficiency and emissions performance of an engine. With tightening worldwide emissions standards for passenger and commercial vehicles, understanding and optimising engine coolant circulation performance is vital.

Traditional lab-grade flow meters allow engine developers to understand coolant flow dynamics within a controlled lab environment, however the size, weight and complexity of the devices make them unsuitable for ‘real-world’ in-vehicle tests.

Sentronics’ technology makes it possible for the first time to use the same device on the bench and on the road, providing lab-grade measurement accuracy in a package small and light enough to fit within an engine bay without affecting vehicle dynamics.


FlowSonic in-vehicle Coolant Circulation Monitoring

Developed specifically for in-vehicle fluid flow measurement, FlowSonic is a compact coolant flow meter offering laboratory-grade measurement precision in a ‘plug and play’ package that can be installed in minutes.

The device isn’t intended to replace traditional laboratory measurement equipment; rather to work in harmony with it to understand how lab results translate in real-world dynamic environments. Reference values can be collected in the lab, then the device can be disconnected and installed on the vehicle for real-world performance tests quickly and simply.

FlowSonic represents a significant step forward in automotive coolant circulation performance monitoring, giving engineers an unprecedented understanding of performance where it really matters – on the road.

Breakthrough Ultrasonic Measurement Technology

FlowSonic represents a breakthrough in ultrasonic flow measurement technology, using innovative digital processing techniques to measure ultrasonic time of flight with unprecedented accuracy.

It achieves levels of laboratory-grade precision and stability typically associated with bulky and expensive mechanical meters, in a package small enough to install in an engine bay.

FlowSonic incorporates all the necessary flow conditioning within its compact body, eliminating any need for lengthy pipework as part of the installation. It is unaffected by mounting orientation and maintains measurement performance when subjected to pulsed flow, vibration and changes in temperature.

FlowSonic LF Typical Calibration Performance

±0.5% accuracy maintained over a 500:1 turndown ratio (traceable to UKAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017).

Key Features & Benefits

FlowSonic allows true ‘real world’ coolant circulation performance to be understood. Here are just a few of the major benefits of adopting this solution.


Measure at Point of Flow

FlowSonic can be easily installed within a vehicle’s engine bay. By measuring at the point of flow, measurement errors introduced by additional pipework are eliminated.

Lab-Standard Performance

FlowSonic brings lab-standard accuracy and stability to road testing, featuring a class-leading 500:1 turndown ratio, and 2kHz measurement rate for precision transient flow data.


Data Reconciliation

FlowSonic facilitates easy reconciliation of laboratory and road test coolant circulation data, allowing engineers to understand how lab-based data translates to dynamic performance.


Vehicle to Bench Portability

FlowSonic is compact and lightweight, providing unprecedented installation flexibility. The device can be installed in any orientation and can be moved between vehicle and test bed in minutes.

Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to traditional laboratory equipment, FlowSonic is a truly low-cost instrument, delivering a cost-effective solution to on-vehicle coolant circulation measurement.

Configurable Output Formats

FlowSonic offers data communication options to suit your existing test system, with CAN, digital TTL pulse, and analogue outputs all available.

UKAS Accredited Calibration

All Sentronics Flow Meters are available with an advanced, customisable calibration accredited to UKAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017

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FlowSonic HF Coolant Flow Meter

FlowSonic HF is designed to measure high-volume flows of coolant and lubricant in all vehicle types. With an operating flow range of 0-500l/min and a compact body, FlowSonic HF is ideal for in-vehicle and lab-based coolant circulation measurement.

FlowSonic LF Coolant Flow Meter

Precision volumetric flow meter ideal for low-flow coolant system test and measurement applications. Capable of measuring coolant flow rates of 0-4000 ml/min, FlowSonic LF delivers direct volumetric flow measurement with a 500:1 turndown ratio.

Sentronics Products are used for Fluid Metering Applications by Globally Recognised OEM Vehicle Manufacturers, Engine Developers and Motorsport Race Teams


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