Sentronics Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meters: Revolutionising Motorsport Fuel Systems

In the high-octane world of motorsport, every drop of fuel counts. That’s why race teams and motorsport governing bodies are increasingly turning to ultrasonic fuel flow meters. Ensuring that every ounce is maximised for fuel and performance efficiency, our ultrasonic fuel flow meters also allow for policing of motorsport teams to ensure a level playing field and exciting spectator sport. These state-of-the-art devices offer a host of advantages over traditional mechanical flow meters, making them an essential part of any modern motorsport fuel system.

Unmatched Accuracy

Our ultrasonic flow meters employ ‘Time of Flight’ ultrasonic flow measurement techniques to measure fuel flow with ultimate precision. The technology benefits from exceptional accuracies of ±0.25% of reading that is typically achieved across the entire Sentronics product range. This level of accuracy is crucial for teams that need to adhere to strict fuel consumption regulations and optimize engine performance.

Non-Intrusive Design for Minimal Interference

Traditional mechanical flow meters require the insertion of gears into the fuel line for the positive displacement principle, which can introduce pressure drops, disrupt the flow and in some cases cause blockages in fuel systems which could lead to catastrophic results. Unlike mechanical flow meters which can be affected by vibration and wear degradation, ultrasonic flow meters are immune to these variables which results in consistent and reliable readings. Our ultrasonic flow meters fit directly inline with motorsport fuel systems for simple installation and the waveguide has been streamlined for smooth operation and minimal interference. With no moving parts, the flow meters utilise two transducers placed at either end of the waveguide to measure the ‘Time of Flight’ for accurate results in high flow and low flow applications. This eliminates any interference with the fuel flow, ensuring accurate measurements and optimal engine performance.

Sentronics Article Ultrasonic Flow Meter Illustration

Lightweight, Compact Construction for Weight Optimisation

In motorsport, engineers work hard to continuously reduce weight wherever they can to improve a race vehicles performance. Sentronics ultrasonic fuel flow meters are incredibly compact and lightweight at 330g, making them ideal for on-vehicle integration. With measurement accuracy unaffected by product orientation, the flow meters can be installed at a rotation that best fits a vehicle’s spatial constraints. The extremely small footprint and low weight contribute to overall weight reduction, improving vehicle handling and performance. Sentronics flow meters are the lightest ultrasonic homologated fuel flow meter on the market.

Extreme Durability for Demanding Motorsport Conditions

In the harsh environments found in motorsport applications, vehicle systems commonly need to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks. Our ultrasonic fuel flow meters are designed to perform under these challenging conditions, offering exceptional durability and long-term reliability. Their robust construction and solid-state design delivers data stability and accurate readings. The Sentronics ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for immersion in fuel, when connected to fuel rated IP68 electrical connectors, for fitment in fuel tanks.


Real-Time Data for Informed Fuel Management Decisions

Ultrasonic fuel flow meters provide real-time fuel consumption data enabling teams to make informed decisions about fuel management strategies. Sentronics flow meters feature fast measurement rates of 2.2kHz (measuring 2,200 times per second) which is ideal for dynamic flows, and delivers accurate determination of upstream and downstream flight times, ensuring accurate measurement of fuel consumption in vehicles where liquids can momentarily flow backwards during gear changes. This is due to fuel injectors rapidly closing which cause “water hammer” events in the fuel system with localised pressure waves expanding and contracting the fuel pipework. This real-time feedback is invaluable for optimizing engine performance, maximizing fuel efficiency, and adhering to fuel consumption regulations.

A Must-Have for Modern Motorsport Fuel Systems

The advantages of ultrasonic fuel flow meters are undeniable particularly as this technology is race-proven and homologated for use across a broad spectrum of race series. The unmatched accuracy, solid-state design, compact size, high durability, and real-time data provision of the Sentronics ultrasonic flow meters make them a vital component in any modern motorsport fuel system.

For more information, explore our range of ultrasonic flow meters.