FIA® F1® Encrypted Reference Flow

Encrypted Surveillance Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter

Designed to uphold fair competition, sporting integrity and ensure compliance of fuel usage by delivering fully encrypted fuel flow measurement of automotive engines to governing bodies. The surveillance flow meter is trusted by the FIA® and fitted across all Formula 1™ vehicles on the grid for reliable monitoring, precision measurement and to avoid tampering of existing fuel flow meter for teams’ competitive advantage.

  • Fully encrypted for discrete measurement and data collection
  • Includes Patented Anti-Aliasing Measurement Technique
  • Low latency for real-time, precision flow measurement
  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation in race vehicles
  • ± 8000 ml/min Operating Flow Range
  • Fast 2.2 kHz measurement rate for dynamic flows
  • -20°C to +120°C Temperature Range
  • No moving parts for reliability
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