FlowSonic® GT

Motorsport Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter

The FlowSonic® GT is designed to deliver reliable fuel flow measurement for automotive engines of every type. Advanced ultrasonic sensing technology provides high accuracy monitoring of flow rate for performance (optimising fuel use and strategy) and compliance for regulatory (balance of performance and limiting peak engine power) motorsport applications. Suitable for FIA® WEC & IMSA Sportscar Championships.

  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation in race vehicles
  • ± 8000 ml/min Operating Flow Range
  • 2.2 kHz Measurement Rate
  • -20°C to +120°C Temperature Range
  • Highly accurate and repeatable (±0.05% of reading)
  • CAN Output
  • Internal Processing and diagnostics
  • Fast measurement rate for dynamic flows
  • Extremely robust and vibration-tolerant
  • Compatible with wide range of fuel types
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