HORIBA’s Low-Flow Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter

Powered by Sentronics

The HORIBA RealFlow fuel flow meter, powered by Sentronics, represents a breakthrough in fuel flow measurement technology for automotive engines of every type. The RealFlow has been designed for the ultra low-volume fuel flow conditions found in today’s high-efficiency road car engines, making it an ideal tool for R&D as well as emissions testing to the new RDE and WLTP standards.

  • +/- 0-4000 ml/min Operating Flow Range
  • 1.1kHz Measurement Rate
  • No moving parts
  • Extremely compact size for easy installation in test vehicles
  • Measurement accuracy unaffected by physical orientation of the Meter
  • CAN, Digital TTL pulse (0-5V) and Analog voltage (0-10V) Outputs
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