SentronicsTM Limited will feature its new integrated system for automotive fuel consumption measurement at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany from 5-7 June. The UK- based pioneers of portable solid-state flow sensor technology for engine development and RDE/WLTP emissions testing will also display its stand-alone FlowSonic® LF (low-flow) fuel and FlowSonic® HF (high-flow) coolant sensors.

The FlowSonic fuel consumption measurement system features the new FlowSonic® FCM rack control module, which delivers real-time mass flow fuel consumption measurement when used in conjunction with the FlowSonic LF sensor and a third-party density meter. Expo visitors are invited to Stand 8636 during the three-day exhibition to see a dynamic demonstration of the new system.

The FlowSonic LF is an evolution of Sentronics’ award-winning FlowSonic Elite motorsport sensor, which is mandated in Formula 1 for enforcement of its fuel flow regulations and the American IMSA sportscar series for performance balancing. In isolation, the sensor is capable of providing highly accurate fuel consumption measurement when calibrated for a specific fuel. The LF has been validated by its recent adoption by a leading global OEM and is under evaluation by several others.

“Our new FlowSonic fuel consumption measurement system adds a real-time mass flow output while removing the need for a specific fuel density correction,” said Sentronics managing director Neville Meech. “In addition to the laboratory-based system showcased in Stuttgart, we are also preparing to introduce a compact, on-vehicle version of the system by the end of 2018, allowing us to deliver lab- quality fuel consumption data combined with easy portability from bench to road.”

For more information, please visit or stand 8636 in Stuttgart, where a demonstration of the new FlowSonic fuel consumption measurement system will be running throughout the expo.